Books for Age 9 - Young Adult

Stage 3 : Reading for Learning Grades 4-8 (ages 9-13)
  • May be responsible for reading independently to: learn new ideas, gain new knowledge, experience new feelings and attitudes
  • Generally from one viewpoint
  • Will be reading/studying textbooks, reference books, trade books, newspapers, magazines
  • Being exposed to unfamiliar vocabulary and syntax
  • Systematic study of words
  • Reacting to text through discussions and writing
  • Reading of more complex fiction, non-fiction, etc.
Stage 4 : Multiple Viewpoints - High School, Grades 10-12 (ages 15-17)
  • Reading widely from a broad range of complex materials - expository and narrative
  • Able to deal with multiple viewpoints
  • Systematic study of words and word parts
  • Normal and creative writing
  • Reading comprehension is better than listening comprehension of difficult material
  • For poorer readers listening comprehension may be equal to reading
Stage 5 :  Construction and Reconstruction - College and beyond (age 18+)
  • Reading is used for one's own needs and purposes
  • Serves to integrate one's knowledge with that of others to synthesize and create new knowledge
  • Wide reading of more difficult materials
  • Needs to be writing papers, tests, essays that call for integration of varied knowledge and points of view

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