Books for Age 4 - 8 years

Word Decoding and Phonics

Decoding is the ability to apply your knowledge of letter-sound relationships, including knowledge of letter patterns, to correctly pronounce written words. Understanding these relationships gives children the ability to recognize familiar words quickly and to figure out words they haven't seen before. Although children may sometimes figure out some of these relationships on their own, most children benefit from explicit instruction in this area. Phonics is one approach to reading instruction that teaches students the principles of letter-sound relationships, how to sound out words, and exceptions to the principles. (Reading Rocket)

Stage 1 : Initial Reading and Decoding -Grade 1 and beginning Grade 2 (ages 6 and 7)
  • Able to read simple text containing high-frequency words and phonically regular words
  • Learns relationship between letters and sounds and between printed and spoken words
  • Sounds out new one-syllable words
  • Needs direct instruction and practice in letter-sound relationships
  • Needs to read simple stories using simple phonic patterns and high frequency words
  • Needs to be read to at a higher level to develop advanced language patterns, new words, and ideas
  • The child's actual reading level is much below the language that is understood when heard
  • At the end of this stage, most children understand 6,000 or more words but can read only about 600
Stage 2 : Confirmation and Fluency Grades 2 and 3 (ages 7 and 8)
  • Reads simple stories with increasing fluency
  • Learns to consolidate decoding, sight vocabulary, & meaning context to read stories and selections
  • Needs direct instruction in advanced decoding skills
  • Needs to be read to at levels above their own to develop language, vocabulary and concepts
  • About 3,000 words can be read
  • 9,000 or more words in listening vocabulary
  • listening is still more effective than reading

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